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Green Mamba
SCIENTIFIC NAME: Dendroaspis angusticeps
ORDER: Squamata
FAMILY: Elapidae
RANGE: Africa
HABITAT: Arid forests
DIET: Small vertebrates, such as rodents, birds, some reptiles and amphibians
ENEMIES: Few, including humans

The green mamba is the smallest and most arboreal of the mambas. They can reach a maximum length of 8 1/2 feet and are agile active foragers who search among the scrub for their prey, which are subdued by their potent venom. Although these animals are closely related to the cobras, they lack the typical “hood” that is often associated with snakes of this family.

Males will combat for the right to mate with females. They intertwine their bodies and attempt to pin one another. Once a victor is established, he mates with the female, who lays 6-18 eggs in decaying organic material. Young emerge 90-100 days later.